BBQ Mini Portable Suitcase

Rex London


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This fold up BBQ is just perfect for days out, camping trips, holidays and festivals. Cleverly designed to neatly fold up this BBQ is easy to carry and can neatly be stored away after use due to its compact design. To cook up a feast simply open the feet on the suitcase, pop open the clip and pull out the grill, then load up with charcoal and your ready to go in no time. Charcoal tray includes ventilation holes to help distribute heat evenly for a perfect burger, sausage or what ever you chose. The charcoal tray and grills can be easily removed for cleaning. Please keep children and pets away from the BBQ while cooking. Wait until the BBQ has cooled down before packing away. When folded up BBQ measures 30 x 7.5 x 23 cm, cooking area measures 25 x 17 cm. Made from Stainless steel.