Sleep Well Set


£25.00 £28.99

This beautiful packaged set makes the most amazing gift, give your friend or loved one the chance to relax unwind and sleep well. Inside the beautiful wooden keepsake box you will find a carefully curated trio of sleep aiding products. Apply the fig essential oil scented roller ball behind the ears, on the temples and on the wrists for a simple yet effective reflexology treatment. Mist your pillow with the lavender aromatherapy pillow spray that contains essential oils to gently sooth you into a relaxed sleep and to complete your new sleep routine slip on the silky eye mask to gently block out any disturbances. This set can help you begin to nurture a new way to help settle you down for a  calm nights sleep. All ingredients are paraben free, Vegan friendly and cruelty free. Pillow spray 30 ml rollerball well oil 10ml.

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