Peacocks Risograph Print A4 An Ostentation Of Peacocks

Lindsey King


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This A4 risograph print features 4 beautifully illustrated peacocks against a background of pink and yellow blooming anemone flowers with the collective noun text 'An Ostentation Of Peacocks' to the bottom. This print has been created using risograph printing which is a more environmentally friendly way to create. The inks used in are plant based soy inks and the process generates minimum waste. Risograph printing gives a unique, beauftul chalky finish that lets the bold inks really stand out. Colours used in this print are yellow, teal blue, sea foam green, fluorescent pink and gold.. Print size A4 29.7 x 21 cm will fit a standard sized frame. Signed and numbered by the artist and printed in Scotland.

Created by Lindsey King in her Bristol studio. Lindsey's love of nature and bold colour is always present in her illustrations which are designed to bring colour and cheer to your home.