Face Serum Simmer Down

Neighbourhood Botanicals


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This serum has been cleverly formulated to help calm down angry skin. Containing a a blend of cold pressed plant oils that have been extracted without chemical solvents and that are unrefined to preserve their natural property's. Extracts contained are chaulmoogra used for its unique antimicrobial acid that helps heal skin infections, hemp that soothes inflammation, tomato that helps improve the smoothness of skin, dragon fruit that firms and calms skin and daikon that is full of vitamin C known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This serum is suitable for oily skin and that is prone to redness and breakouts and has an easy to absorb formula with out leaving any oily film. Contains natural ingredients, plastic free, contains 30 ml, made in the UK. Serum has a warm earthy garden like scent.