Face Off Oil To Milk Cleanser Facial Oil

Neighbourhood Botanicals


This 100% natural oil to milk 2-phase cleanser has been developed by Neighbourhood Botanicals to remove your makeup without altering your skins pH or taking away any moisture from your skin thanks to the plant oils and mild plant-derived emulsifiers contained within.  This 100 % natural oil to milk cleanser is the most gentle way to cleanse your skin unlike most cleansers that contain petrochemicals, alcohol, and astringents that can dry and irritate your skin. Beautifully scented with a fresh spa scent blended from natural essential oils. This facial oil naturally doesn't contain any nut oil, helps to stop greasiness and helps maintain a health PH balance, its vegan and cruelty free and comes housed in recyclable packaging. Small batch produced in London England from a female independently own business, bottle contains 150 ml.


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