Acid Washed Foaming Facial Cleanser

Neighbourhood Botanicals


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This luxurious and uniquely formed foaming facial cleaner has been expertly formulated to help clarify oily/combination skin. Containing AHA's and botanic's its perfectly blended in every way. Delicate enough to clean without stripping and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. The lactic acid contained with in this bottle sheds dead skin cells leaving skin brightened and toned while the aloe vera soothes any irritations.
99.6% of the ingredients found in this wash are naturally derived, blended without alcohol and containing witch hazel hydrosol which makes an effective natural astringent. Also contained are mild sulphate-free cleansers derived from coconut oil, as well as vegetable glycerin.Scented with calming Rock Rose floral water and ablend of herbal and fresh anti-bacterial essential oils. This product is Vegan, cruelty-free and independently female owned. Bottle size 100 ml size.