2019 Birds Of The World Calendar



Beautifully illustrated calendar by Eleanor Longhurst.

Birds featured include,

JANUARY - Southern Rockhopper Penguin (Antarctic and surrounding islands)

FEBRUARY - Common Gull (Europe)

MARCH - Blue Jay (North America)

APRIL - Kingfisher (Eurasia)

MAY - Budgerigar (Australia)

JUNE - Major Mitchells Cockatoo (Australia)

JULY - Humming bird (Americas)

AUGUST - Greater Flamingo (Africa)

SEPTEMBER - Toco Toucan (South America)

OCTOBER - Hoopoe (Afro-Eurasia)

NOVEMBER - Atlantic Puffin ( Iceland)

DECEMBER - Partridge (Britain)


Made from 350gsm laminated, thick Silk card with 300 sm silk paper inner pages.

Size A4  Heigh 29. c m x Width 21 cm

Postage and packing £3.50

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